This page is from Steve Ngai Resume / CV :)

Date Title Tags Resource Group Type Code Flow Video
2023-06-01 Set up the eShopOnContainers using Azure Kubernetes Service to enable continuous deployment to GitLab actions. This setup involves creating a Pull Request to initiate the code review workflow. Once the review is successful, the Pull Request can be manually approved, triggering another workflow to build images and push them to the Azure Container Registry. This setup utilizes Azure Active Directory for authentication. C#, NET 7, Microservices, GitHub Actions (CI / CD), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Container Registry (ACR) Code
2023-06-01 Developed a Blazor web application using MudBlazor and implemented GitHub Action CI/CD to deploy it to Azure Web App. The web app also utilizes the GitHub public API to retrieve branch repositories. C#, NET 6, Blazor Server, GitHub Actions (CI / CD), Azure Web App Code
2023-05-01 Created a mock eCommerce solution with microservices project and folder structure C#, Azure Functions, Azure Service Bus Code
2023-05-01 Created two demo .NET 6 projects in a solution: a web app using Blazor Server, which sends web API requests (query string and request body) to Azure Functions and receives a string response to display on the web app. Also added Azure AppInsights to monitor web api request, exception and performance. C#, NET 6, Azure Functions, Azure AppInsights, Blazor Server, GitHub Actions (CI / CD) Code
2022-08-01 Successfully deployed eShopOnContainers microservices of all 21 containers to Docker Desktop using Docker Compose and up all the web apps and health check app and debug it C#, NET 6, Docker, Docker Compose, Microservices, Api gateway Code | Tutorial Bug: Clean/Purge data and Factory reset and let it run overnight Video
2022-07-30 All 63 unit tests and functional tests passed. Deployed eShopOnContainers microservices of 21 containers to Docker Desktop using Docker Compose C#, NET 6, Docker, Docker Compose, Microservices, Api gateway Code | Tutorial Auto run from Visual Studio, restore SPA with npm i, restart window. Video
2022-07-29 Deployed Book Management Web App to Docker Window using Docker Compose (App and Db) C#, NET 6, Docker, SQL Server Code | Tutorial Video
2022-07-28 Setup Azure Devops CI pipeline (with Test Result) for CF Customer Api. Azure DevOps (Pipelines CI), C#, NET 6, Web Api, EF Core, XUnit, MOQ Code Video
2022-07-25 Deployed Demo Web App with Azure DevOps Starter (Window ) and Azure DevOps Azure DevOps Starter, Window, C#, MVC, ASP.NET Core 3.1, Azure DevOps (Build Pipelines CI and Release Pipelines CD), ARM (Azure Resource Manager), Infrastructure as Code (IaC) VstsRG-findingsteve-e004 DevOps Starter: DevOpsStarterWin3 Code Video
2022-07-24 Deployed WeatherForecast Web API from Azure App Service (Linux) which pull from Docker Hub Azure App Service, Linux, C#, Web Api, NET 6, WeatherForecast, Docker, Docker Hub ContainerAppR App Service: weatherforecastdockerhub Flow Video
2022-07-20 Deployed HelloWorld Web App in Azure Container Apps Azure Container Apps, Hello World, Docker, HTML ContainerAppR Video
2022-07-22 Deployed WeatherForecast Web API from Visual Studio Community to Azure > Azure App Service Container Azure Container Apps, Web Api, NET 6, WeatherForecast, Visual Studio, Docker, C#, Docker Registry ContosoUniWebApp_group App Service: net6webapidockerapp Code Flow
2022-07-21 Deployed Contoso University Web App in Visual Studio to Azure App Service (Linux) which connects to Azure SQL database Azure App Service, Linux, Razor Pages, Contoso University, Visual Studio, Azure SQL database, C# ContosoUniWebApp_group App Service: ContosoUniWebApp Code Flow Video
2022-07-20 Deployed my sample resume at Github page and Azure Static Web App using GitHub Actions Workflow (CI / CD). Azure Static Web App, GitHub, Github page, GitHub Actions, CI / CD, Visual Studio, PUG, SCSS Free Static Web App: Resume Code Flow
2022-07-20 Created and deployed Avengers VueJs Web App to Azure Static Web App using GitHub Actions Workflow (CI / CD). Azure Static Web App, GitHub, GitHub Actions, CI, CD, Visual Studio, VueJs, SASS Free Static Web App: Avengers Code